Caliq enters the Jewellery Sector with Sea Gems of Cornwall

Caliq enters the Jewellery Sector with Sea Gems of Cornwall

February, 2019

We at Caliq are delighted that the latest company implementing our ERP System are in the jewellery and designer gift market, proving the breadth of sectors to which Caliq brings enormous benefits.

Sea Gems is a well-established family company with over 30 years’ experience in creating original, stylish jewellery and design-led gifts, based in the ancient town of Marazion in Cornwall.

Passionate about design, all their ranges are conceived and developed in Cornwall, drawing inspiration from the stunning, natural surroundings and Celtic heritage the county is famous for.

Despite being a loyal customer to their previous ERP supplier for 15 years, the lack of improvements in the software made Sea Gems realise it was time for change.

Marcus Price, MD of Sea Gems, explained some of the shortcomings of that system and why they recognised that Caliq was the best choice for them to upgrade to.

“The stock control and reporting elements of the old system were too generalised and didn’t suit the way we work. Although our products are not bespoke, we have a number of variants like different chains, boxes, stone colours etc. Caliq copes with all of this.

We looked at other systems and whereas there are stock systems out there that deal with these issues, they tend to be old and clunky and also don’t handle the wholesale distribution elements and have the whole accounting function built in as well. Having all these in one system is fantastic. Caliq’s ability to integrate with websites and other systems is also a major plus for us”

Marcus also describes the selection process and why Caliq won the contract.

“Never being ‘pushy’, Caliq applied a lot of time (and patience!) to assess our requirements. They spoke to all members of our team to understand their needs and provided advice too. They were also happy to adapt the software to ensure a good fit to certain processes that we have grown up with over the years.

We could see that Caliq would be easy to use with no huge learning curve. All of this combined built a tremendous trust and confidence in the support Caliq would provide through the implementation and afterwards, so it became clear this was the right system and company to deal with”

Of course, Caliq are delighted with Sea Gems’ choice and we look forward to working with them well into the future.

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