Buying & Merchandising

New Product Evaluation & Launch

Import, manage and review potential new products whilst you gather information and determine landed costs, likely margins and sales potential and their place in the range.

Control the request, receipt and review of initial and final samples.

Release new products in a controlled environment with task lists for gathering weights, dimensions, handling data (inners/outers/packaging), compliance requirements, base materials, images etc and share workload around the team.

Ensure that one initial purchase and receipt that all necessary data is in place to stock, sell and release products for listing across your sales channels (web, Trisoft s SalesPak etc).

Range Planning & Product Contribution Analysis

The Range Planner provides a fully featured user-configurable method of analysing and reviewing your potential and live running products.

Flexible reporting views allow on screen data presentation with images or export to Excel.

Report on product data, stock, sales, margins, purchases and trends, a full product lifecycle presentation.

Twinned with the Top Sellers and Product Sales Profiling Dashboards in the Caliq Business Intelligence suite, your buying and merchandising team have all the tools they need.

Range Planning & Product Contribution Analysis

Centrally Manage Product Data for all Sales Channels

With Caliq you can manage all of your product data in one central place, serving back-office sales and all other external sales channels such as one or more web-sites, Trisoft’s SalesPak or Blue Alligator’s Sales Presenter, Amazon as well as supporting Google feeds, customer data feeds etc.

Supports multiple Brands and Channels with options to vary data across Brands.

Automatic data feeds to external channels are scheduled to your requirements

Ensures complete up-to-date and accurate product information delivered to your team and customers at all times.

Centrally Manage Product Data for all Sales Channels