Carrier Integration with Scurri

Carrier Integration with Scurri

June, 2016

Many clients have integration between the Caliq WMS and their chosen carriers.

Changing carriers or adding additional carriers has always meant additional integration work and this can be a barrier to seeking better deals for your outbound shipments.

Caliq have been working with Scurri ( who provide a single platform which integrates to multiple carriers. This means that at the packing point the packer can select which is the most appropriate carrier for the shipment and generate that carrier’s labels instantly. Rules can also be built into Scurri which enable the carrier decision to be made by Scurri based on data sent by Caliq.

Scurri passes back the tracking information which is recorded in Caliq against the shipment and this is then used in the Despatch Notification emails.

Initial integration and set-up now becomes an out-of-the-box process and changing carriers or adding new carriers is now a very straightforward exercise.

Address errors are automatically detected by Scurri based on the selected carrier’s rules and Caliq provides clear visibility of the errors and on correction the label is then generated.

When will I be able to use it?

The new Caliq Scurri integration feature will be available in your next software release. The Scurri team have proved to be great to work with and will be pleased to talk to you about the benefits their service, teamed with Caliq, can offer you.

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