Siesta Crafts select Caliq for next phase of growth…

Siesta Crafts select Caliq for next phase of growth…

December, 2020

Siesta Crafts, the well-known and leading wholesale supplier of Fair Trade giftware products throughout the UK and Europe, has selected the Caliq ERP software solution as the platform on which to grow their business for the future.

Director Tim Harper comments on the background to their decision…

“We decided upon the need to implement a new software system in the middle of 2019. We had previously used QuickBooks before outgrowing it and then moving on to Sage and a plethora of spreadsheets. Eventually, this system became increasingly cumbersome to use and the time spent keeping everything in sync became frustratingly inefficient.

We began making enquiries with various companies and felt fairly dispirited by the options until we mentioned our search to friends of ours at another company in the giftware sector. They were so enthused by the improvement Caliq had made to their company that they invited us to come and have a guided tour of the setup at their warehouse. After looking at the system with them and also hearing lots of praise for the staff at Caliq, we left feeling much more confident that Caliq was the way forward.

One of the biggest benefits we are looking forward to is the accessibility of centrally held product data which will hopefully help us to improve our stock allocation for orders, our warehouse management and our ability to make good decisions when purchasing. In the future, we are hoping to utilise Caliq’s API on our website to streamline stock control as well as integrate Caliq with our bricks and mortar shop”.

Tony Reynolds, MD of Caliq Software said “We are proud and delighted to welcome Siesta Crafts into our client community.  We have known of them for many years and look forward to working with them as we streamline their processes and deliver on the benefits that they seek within their business. Work is already underway for go-live in early 2021 as both teams work together on the implementation process”.

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