Is Caliq Relevant To Me?

Caliq is now the solution of choice for multi-channel wholesale distributors operating in the Home, Gift, Garden and allied sectors. Take a look at our Clients page to see people you know who place their trust in us.

A constant investment programme in R&D run in close cooperation with clients who do what you do means that you are assured that we have software and services available to support your business when you need it, today and into the future.

Our role is to solve your problems…

The fact that you are reading this means that you are facing challenges with your current software system and maybe your supplier as well. You are probably running a system designed to work for every type of business rather than yours so it is hardly surprising that you have the need for better, more relevant functionality, appropriate to your business.

Your supplier is probably a reseller who is restricted by not being the author of the software and therefore unable to influence product development. Maybe they do not have a “can do” philosophy. Our clients tell us we have this approach to everything we do for them. You do not need barriers, your business needs creative open minds.

A Solution with no limits…

With Caliq, the people you work with own and develop the software right here in the UK. No reseller structure to get in the way between us and you. From the initial meeting right through implementation and beyond, you are always with members of our team who are dedicated to ensuring that Caliq is relevant, capable and supporting your needs.

Our focus is on you…

Our aims are to provide clarity over all aspects of your business, deliver efficient and effective processes through your supply chain, implement controls where you need them, margin monitoring and performance analysis at all pressure points and the tools for your team to deliver outstanding customer service. A Business Intelligence module helps you monitor and manage every aspect of your operation.

With all that in place, the ultimate aim is to aid your bottom line and provide you with a business solution that empowers you to grow your business knowing that you and your team have the right tools in place to support your Company wherever you take it.

If the Caliq community sounds appealing for your Company, we would be delighted to talk.

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