Great reaction to Caliq’s Toucan Mobile Sales and CRM App

Great reaction to Caliq’s Toucan Mobile Sales and CRM App

September, 2018

The Autumn Fair at the NEC saw Caliq previewing our Toucan mobile sales and CRM App for iPads and iPhones. The reception it got was superb, which is what we hoped for due to the amazing functionality, flexibility and configuration options that underpin the App.

In addition to the product presentation and ordering capabilities of other systems, the App boasts extensive CRM functionality including recording all interactions with clients (visit, phone, e-mail, follow ups), with managers and head office being updated. Appointments and other customer interactions can also be set by managers for reps or agents to carry out! Also included is full use of mapping and filtering that allows the user to locate and save groups of customers that fit certain criteria (e.g. location and purchase history). In addition, saving product searches using similar filters can save sales people considerable time, over and above the benefits offered by similar sales systems.

A major feature of Toucan is the ‘access all areas’ approach to navigating the many elements of the system. This challenges the normal ‘linear’ approach to sales Apps, where a set sequence must be followed. Toucan allows the user to switch swiftly and seamlessly between all functions. Checking customer credit or order history, viewing product sales performance or creating a future appointment whilst the middle of an open order are examples of this.

An aspect of Toucan that we believe to be unprecedented, is what is known as ‘peer to peer’ working. This makes use of relatively recent Apple technology and it enables multiple devices talking to each other automatically, with no need for user intervention. An example of the power of this, is that units taking orders at shows are updated in real time, meaning that all units can see stock availability based on what has been ordered by colleagues on the stand. It also enables users to help each other on different, separate units.

The Toucan App impressed all those that saw where it has reached so far. It is still under development and there are a whole lot more amazing features coming along including rep dashboards, KPI reporting, show performance analysis, to name but a few.

These are a few of the comments we received from people that viewed the App at the show:

“It’s just fantastic, I can’t wait for it to be released”

“The access all areas functionality is way beyond what I use now and makes it so flexible. It will definitely save even more time.”

“I want Toucan in our company and won’t look at anything else. Please keep us up to date on developments!”

“The CRM side will be a real bonus for our sales team and managers. The other features are just amazing. Keep me posted”.

And the most succinct comment? “It’s just so cool!”


Visit our ‘Contact Us’ page or click on the image below to register to receive information about Toucan and we’ll keep you posted. We’re certain you’ll be impressed too!





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