New Scan-Pack Option

New Scan-Pack Option

April, 2016

A new packing method has been introduced which can be used with all configurations of the Caliq WMS (warehouse management system), including clients using the mobile hand-held terminal systems.

The Pick Note or Packing Note (depending on your work-flow) will have a bar code which is scanned at the packing bench to identify the shipment being packed. If there are more shipments for the same customer and address the packer will be asked to scan the others for consolidation.

As each product is packed, it is scanned and an image displayed for verification. This scanning process can act as a second check if you are picking by hand-held terminals or as a prime check if you are picking from paper forms.

This new Scan-Pack option is being further enhanced with an option to scan pack items into specific cartons and then cartons onto pallets should you want to know which products are in which cartons and on which pallets. With this option you can then generate full palletised packing manifests.

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