Toucan Showing at Spring Fair!

February, 2019

Caliq’s Toucan mobile sales and CRM App for iPads and iPhones is now here and will be showing at the Spring Fair at the NEC 3rd-7th February.

Delivering an array of advanced functionality not seen in other similar Apps, Toucan provides for rapid product presentation and order entry, with users being able to progress to using the full CRM functionality for recording customer interactions, appointments etc for themselves or others in the sales team.

Toucan will integrate seamlessly with back office systems, meaning up to date information for the sales team and orders taken by them being rapidly handed back to be imported, picked packed and despatched.

Management reporting and analysis of the sales team’s activity is detailed with reports showing performance within different roles and channels (e.g. Rep, Agent, on the road, at exhibition etc).

Interested? Please visit the Caliq stand at the Spring Fair. Hall 6, Stand Q51.

We’re sure you’ll be impressed.

Click logo to visit the Toucan Website

Release of Cloud Based CRM Portal

September, 2017

Caliq now offer a fully and securely hosted Cloud CRM Module that is seamlessly integrated to the Caliq and MADICS  ERP Systems


This provides enormous benefits when it comes to customer service, as well as a plethora of information for internal and external sales staff and managers. What each person sees is fully configurable, meaning sales reps would only see information pertaining to their customers, whereas area managers can view data for each individual reporting to them, or for their whole area.


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Carrier Integration with Scurri

June, 2016

Many clients have integration between the Caliq WMS and their chosen carriers.

Changing carriers or adding additional carriers has always meant additional integration work and this can be a barrier to seeking better deals for your outbound shipments.

Caliq have been working with Scurri ( who provide a single platform which integrates to multiple carriers. This means that at the packing point the packer can select which is the most appropriate carrier for the shipment and generate that carrier’s labels instantly. Rules can also be built into Scurri which enable the carrier decision to be made by Scurri based on data sent by Caliq.

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Automatic Setting of External and Internal Rep Attribution

May, 2016

Correctly assigning new customers, prospects and leads to the appropriate field sales rep/agent and territory has always presented a challenge, especially when leads are coming in from external sources like web sites.

We have now introduced an option to use the Customer Region as a Post Code Area list, which we are finding is a popular method for dividing up the UK into manageable territories.

Against each Post Code Area you simply enter the field sales person and, if required the Internal Sales Rep.

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New Scan-Pack Option

April, 2016

A new packing method has been introduced which can be used with all configurations of the Caliq WMS (warehouse management system), including clients using the mobile hand-held terminal systems.

The Pick Note or Packing Note (depending on your work-flow) will have a bar code which is scanned at the packing bench to identify the shipment being packed. If there are more shipments for the same customer and address the packer will be asked to scan the others for consolidation.

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