Release of Cloud Based CRM Portal

Release of Cloud Based CRM Portal

September, 2017

Caliq now offer a fully and securely hosted Cloud CRM Module that is seamlessly integrated to the Caliq and MADICS  ERP Systems


This provides enormous benefits when it comes to customer service, as well as a plethora of information for internal and external sales staff and managers. What each person sees is fully configurable, meaning sales reps would only see information pertaining to their customers, whereas area managers can view data for each individual reporting to them, or for their whole area.


The CRM Module provides for logging of initial leads / enquiries by head office staff or the external sales team members. Actions can be raised allowing, for example, a sales rep to see that an internal enquiry has been raised on their territory, with all the information required for them to follow it up. All activity they undertake, including calls made, e-mails, visits and sales, is logged and can be viewed and analysed.

Call plans can also be set up, detailing call dates or intervals at which customers should be contacted

The enquiries and reporting available, give a valuable insight into what customers are purchasing, broken down by category, product group and product, all seen by selected periods, e.g, week, month, year, with comparisons against the same periods in previous years too, whether financial year or rolling twelve months.

The level of integration between the ERP and CRM Databases, ensures that staff querying CRM are seeing up to date information that may have changed within the last few minutes, whether that be leads, activities or sales figures for orders received and / or invoiced values, against set targets too!

The Caliq CRM Cloud system is fully integrated with the Caliq and MADICS ERP solutions, ensuring that both our client communities can take advantage of this new module.



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